Residents upset over Project Transition

July 16, 2009 9:13:18 PM PDT
Residents of Henry on the Parkway gathered outside building B to express anger and frustrations over the arson fire there this week.Authorities now believe the fire was set by a client of Project Transition, a program that places psychiatric patients learning to live independently in apartments.

The incident ignited a firestorm of anger among the residents who are upset that they did not know management allowed transitional placement of mentally ill patients as tenants.

Project Transition issued a statement saying they can't comment on the fire because it's under investigation, but they're committed in ensuring their members live in an environment free of the prejudice and discrimination they frequently experience.

Some clients expressed concern that one client's decision may cost them all.

Still, some residents are concerned that the psychiatric patients have no supervision once Project Transition staff goes home in the evening.

Residents have officially formed a tenant association and have agreed to meet with Project Transition and apartment complex manager very soon.