Recent grads try roadside resumes

July 22, 2009 7:23:45 PM PDT
Two recent college grads from our area are taking a pretty proactive approach to landing their first jobs in the "real world."Two buddies from Westmont, New Jersey are recent college graduates who need a job and today they stood out in the middle of rush hour traffic on 8th and Vine wearing signs that got straight to the point: Need job - Take resume!

"I've walked into places, I've cold called, and this is a different angle. I'm trying to find something different, maybe make myself stand out a little more," Sean Christman said.

Sean Christman just graduated from La Salle with a degree in Finance and Management while A.J. O'Malley is a Rutgers grad with a degree in Business Management. Both graduated with honors and say they're outgoing and hard working, but competition for jobs right now is fierce.

"Not only recent grads, but people who had jobs for a long time so it comes down to what companies are looking for and how you can stand out and that's why we're out here today," Andrew O'Malley said.

They're passing out 150 resumes and received a few business cards they hope will lead to something. The desperate duo got some polite and not so polite gestures from drivers, but most people seem supportive.

"This is something that's creative and people pass by every day with businesses and they might get something," Michelle Galasso of Washington Township said.

"Someone should hire me because I'm a born leader and I'm a personable individual," Andrew said.

Action News doesn't recommend standing in traffic passing out resumes, not the safest thing to do, but certainly a sign of the times and you've got to give it to these guys, they're creative and determined and we wish them the best of luck.

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