Norristown Bocce League fun

July 22, 2009 3:52:50 PM PDT
These days, not all summer camps are the traditional outings they used to be. A Montgomery County camp program is no exception. This is the fourth year that volunteers from the Norristown Bocce League have volunteered their services to help children from the Montgomery County Association for the Blind learn the game of Bocce.

The game begins with a toss of the pallino ball.

"I like tossing the ball and the feel of getting it closer or getting it far," 11-year-old Dakota Greenidge said.

"This is my fourth time playing," 10-year-old Eddie Majeski said.

"I like the texture of the balls, they're different," 19-year-old Jill Novak said.

"What I really like about the sport is basically hanging out with my friends," 19-year-old Lauren Mazzotta said.

The children learn how to come closer to their target with the help of echolocation used with the banging of the kitchen utensils, which is crucial to their game.

"The kids need the sound with their limited vision and some are totally blind," camp director Jim Hunt said.

Karly Deitrick's game got better and better as the morning progressed.

"It's pretty and you kind of know where you're supposed to aim," 14-year-old Karly said.

The Norristown Bocce League, with more than 500 members, hosts more than a dozen special events throughout the year.

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