A turkey with an attitude

July 23, 2009 6:05:17 AM PDT
They're talking turkey in one New Jersey town. One feathered friend in Tenafly has turned out to have a pretty fowl attitude.

He doesn't have a name, but this wild turkey does have a reputation. He's been known to chase the mail carriers and mail trucks, trying to peck out the tires.

The turkey stops traffic and stands guard over the neighborhood.

Gary Zamchick is taking pictures of the bird now, but he was chased by the wild turkey when he tried to put up a sign for a garage sale in the wrong spot.

Residents said nature experts told them it's mating season, and older birds probably drove this wild turkey out of the flock. He just might be looking for love in all the wrong places!

Jim Kerge tried to shoo the stubborn bird out of traffic.

For now, the wayward bird is staying put, as long as he leaves the U-S Postal Service alone.