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July 27, 2009 2:03:47 AM PDT
It was a night to remember in Philadelphia on Sunday at the Wachovia Center as WWE presented its Night of Champions pay per view. 6abc.com was granted exclusive behind the scenes access as we caught up with some of the top superstars and divas in the sports entertainment world.

WWE Superstars Tommy Dreamer, Ted Dibiase, and Matt Striker, as well Divas Tiffany and Natalya spoke exclusively to 6abc.com about wrestling in Philadelphia, being a champion, what it means to be in pro wrestling,and more, plus they even had a little fun with myself during the interviews. See it all right now on the above video.

As for the event itself, championships changed hands while others were retained.

In the WWE Championship match, Randy Orton was able to walk out of his match, against John Cena and Triple H, still holding the gold.

The World Heavyweight Championship was another story as C.M. Punk walked into Philly champion, but Jeff Hardy walked out with the championship, much to the adoration of the fans.

Chris Jericho surprised all and chose the Big Show as his mystery tag team partner and they successfully defeated Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase to retain their Unified Tag Team Championships.

Mickie James was able to pull a victory over Maryse and became the new Diva's Champion.

Philly's sentimental favorite Tommy Dreamer did not have what it took to the get the job done as Christian became the new ECW Champion.

Michelle McCool retained her Women's Championship as she defeated Melina.

Kofi Kingston outlasted five other competitors to retain his U.S. Championship.

Rey Mysterio fought off the challenge of Dolph Ziggler and was able to still say he is the Intercontinental Champion after Night of Champions.

Don't forget to check out our exclusive behind the scene interviews medley at the top of the page!

Here is 6abc.com's preview article posted before the event:

World Wrestling Entertainment presents its annual Night of Champions pay per view event where all 8 of its titles will be defended.

Now, some of you may already be giving this story a derisible look just from the fact that this is an article on professional wrestling, so that is why the following paragraphs will try and compare Night of Champions to other popular television programming that it resembles (of course, ABC shows only).

WWE Championship Match - Dancing With the Stars

The WWE Championship, the equivalent to the World Series title in the WWE, will be defended when Randy Orton, Triple H, and John Cena battle in a Triple Threat Match. This match can be compared to Dancing with the Stars when it is down to the final three couples. Each one is looking to outshine the other and they can't concentrate on just one of their competitors, because another one is lurking in the shadows. Much like it doesn't matter who had the highest points walking in during that Dancing round, it doesn't matter too much that Randy Orton is champion walking in, because he personally does not have to be pinned to lose his belt. Coincidentally, outside WWE, this match is sometimes referred to as a Three Way Dance. I don't believe Tom Bergeron will be at the Wachovia Center, though.

World Heavyweight Championship - Lost

While watching Lost on ABC, it is quite difficult to determine the genuineness of Ben Linus. Is he in it to help himself, the castaways, or the island? When you think you know the answers, Ben always changes the questions. Just when you see the good in Ben, he does something dastardly. Fans are finding World Heavyweight Champion C.M. Punk in a similar light. Since Punk arrived in WWE, he has always been cheered, but recently fans are seeing the straight-edge superstar as a Conniving, Menacing Punk. Maybe that is what C.M. stands for? It all began when Punk cashed in his anytime-anywhere championship match contract against fan favorite Jeff Hardy after Hardy battled in a grueling match himself. Punk won the title and then gave Hardy a rematch wherein the match, Punk seemingly endured an eye injury resulting in a disqualification. To this day Hardy and most fans do not believe Punk ever had any injury. C.M. Punk is offended by the allegations and, at times, brings up some valid points of the fans' questionable allegiances, but the way he projects them rubs the audience and Hardy the wrong way. Yes, we do not know where Ben's allegiances lie, but we didn't like Ben to begin with. Same with Punk, who knows what he is really thinking, but it's just a little different. We liked C.M. Punk in the beginning. Now, we're just lost.

World Tag Team Championship - Who Wants To Be a Millionaire

Chris Jericho is heading into Night of Champions ready to defend his tag team title. One problem. He does not have a tag team partner. His cohort Edge is sidelined with an injury and Jericho already cast him aside in a heartbeat. Jericho is on the search for a replacement partner to take on the team of second generation wrestlers Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase, collectively known as Legacy. Now how is this like Millionaire? Well, he has to make the right choice and three possible options resemble the lifelines of the game seen in syndication and during a weeklong celebration on ABC in August. For instance, Jericho can go with the Ask The Audience option. No, someone with Jericho's arrogance and sheer bravado would never lower himself to ask the fans for their opinion, but he could pick a wrestler who the fans cheer. Choosing a fan favorite may be the only way he gets somebody to agree to be his partner ? because fan favorites are just nice guys. Then again, Jericho could go with the 50/50 option and choose someone that is exactly like him. It would make the most sense for him to select another grappler with the same kind of acumen and prowess as he has, to make two halves of a perfect whole. But where would he find this other soul mate? Nearly impossible. So he most likely won't go with this option, especially since it has been erased from the Meredith Vieira version for years. The third choice would be the most wise, to Ask the Expert and choose a veteran of the game who knows the ropes, pun intended. Selecting a Hulk Hogan, a Ricky Steamboat, or an out of retirement Ric Flair would not only add prestige to Jericho's title reign, but would also give a new dimension to the tag team division. Then again, Jericho made a living this past spring mocking the legends of the sport, so he probably won't go this way either. You know what he should do? Pick Regis. Final answer.

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