Lost for 10 months, dog returns home

July 27, 2009 1:23:54 PM PDT
Many families in Texas lost everything when Hurricane Ike slammed ashore last summer. Homes were destroyed, pets were lost. But, one family has found their beloved dog, which'd been missing for ten long months!

Her name is "Daizy". Hurricane Ike blew down the Bauer family's backyard fence in Clear Lake. So they took Daizy and her Blue Lacy companion, "Hank", to the Pet Palace in Webster for boarding until they could get the fence repaired.

Kathy and Joe Baurer got a call that both of their dogs had escaped. The Baurer's found Hank almost immediately but Daizy was gone. And that was 10 long months ago.

The family printed fliers, offered a reward and plastered neighborhoods with signs.

But then after several sightings, the trail finally brought them to the backside of a subdivision where they found her in a wooded area, only a mile from where she disappeared.

A little yellow dog would emerge each night through a break in the fence to find food neighbors were leaving out for her. Thursday night, July 23rd, Kathy whistled, and Daizy ran right to her.

She'd been fending for herself, for 10 months. After all, the Lacy is the official state dog breed of Texas, is part coyote. And now after the reunion is back to being part Baurer too.