County says nix candidate's 'no vote' appeal

July 30, 2009 5:42:24 AM PDT
A southwestern Pennsylvania county wants the Commonwealth Court to nix the appeal of a failed district judge candidate who just can't believe he received so few votes.

Robert Pritchard Sr., of Fairchance, claims fraud is the only explanation for his exceedingly low vote total in the Fayette County general election. Pritchard got just 63 votes for district judge in November, and zero in two of 19 precincts. The winner, incumbent District Judge Randy Abraham got 2,900 votes and another challenger got 957.

Pritchard contends people could have voted illegally because the county allegedly doesn't properly purge dead or unregistered voters from its rolls.

But county attorneys say it's difficult to imagine that problem - even if it existed - would have resulted in such a lopsided result.