Library controversy in Delaware

August 3, 2009 3:05:20 PM PDT
A new library building in Kirkwood, Delaware has people talking, some call it art, others say it's an eyesore. But whatever your opinion, you can definitely call it a controversy.Some call this new building on Kirkwood Highway an eyesore, a giant shed and:

"It's probably the ugliest building I've ever seen in my illustrious construction career."

New Castle County Councilman Timothy Sheldon, a former brick layer, is talking about a yet to be opened library in his district. For months he's heard nothing but negative comments about the way it looks.

"One person said 'that this building could use more face lifts than Joan Rivers in the next 30 years'".

Just like any book there's another chapter to this story. The original cedar design had to be scrapped because the county is counting pennies in these tough economic times. So a volunteer group that raised $900,000 for the building says give them a break.

"In a perfect world we'd like to build a Taj Mahal for everybody to use but when you've got government and private funds coming in and you're soliciting donations we needed to make the best use of the money," said Rick Curles of the Friends of the Kirkwood Highway Library.

Curles hopes critics drive around to the front of the building which happens to be on a small street facing about a dozen homes, some cedar was used and so far he says this rarely seen side gets better reviews but it appears many can't help by judge a book by its cover. But when asked about the library's looks:

"The Kirkwood Highway side looks terrible," said Rich Edmondson of Wilmington.

"Kinda weird looking. I don't know what to think of it, it's just weird to me. I think they could have done better," said Cheryl Sigvardson of Wilmington.

And Curles says they did, on the inside of the library where it counts. The public can see it for themselves on August 22nd.