Celebrate Shark Week!

August 4, 2009 5:38:13 AM PDT
It is shark week at the Adventure Aquarium: A full seven days to celebrate one of the most feared creatures of the deep. Touch one, if you dare...

With more than 30 different kinds on display at all times, any week could be shark week at Adventure Aquarium. But they're doing all they can to make it special, starting with new sharks.

"We have the hammerhead," said Mark Charbeneau of the Adventure Aquarium told Action News "And in fact, during Shark Week we're going to be displaying a brand new shark species that is very rare, very exciting for us, not only at Adventure Aquarium but in the scientific and zoological community. And we're really really excited to showcase this animal."

All your favorite shark activities are available. The Touch-A-Shark tank is always popular.

But this week you can see Shark Realm, the huge open tank, from a different angle. You can visit the top of the tank and get a better idea just how big it is. If you like what you see, there are special limited-access programs.

"Guests can sign up for special V.I.P. tours," Charbeneau said. "You pay a few dollars extra, however that money goes to shark conservation."

Even before you get to the aquarium, the Gill's Club House page on their website lets kids enjoy shark lore and more.

There are shark souvenirs, of course. There's an admission discount if you show up with your head looking like it has a fin.

Plus, some lucky adult is going to win a perfectly-safe swim in the Shark Realm tank.

"They come to the aquarium, they their name and e-mail address and they have a chance to win Swim with the Sharks program, which is an outstanding opportunity," Charbeneau said.