Liquor store owner nabs stabbing suspect

August 5, 2009 8:41:33 AM PDT
A Newport liquor store owner acted quickly and held a stabbing suspect for police. Police were dispatched shortly before noon to a report of a person stabbed in the face on a DART bus after a dispute between the suspect and the victim.

Two men can be seen sitting in the back of the bus. Then, they get up and momentarily have words with a man seated in front of them. That's when one man pulled a meat cleaver from his waistband and started stabbing the victim in the face.

The two suspects exit the bus, and so does the victim, who was grabbing his head. The victim crossed the street to the Exxon gas station where he laid down on the ground.

The stabbing suspect went in the opposite direction and into Premiere Wine and Spirits. Another man, who appeared to be with the suspect, walked away and is still at large.

Witnesses tell police the suspect was heard saying 'He insulted my country."

According to the tavern owner, Chip Owens, and his wife, Danna, the suspect came into their store and walked into the cooler. He then opened a beer and began drinking it.

As this was happening, the owner's wife noticed the man had not come out of the cooler.

"I went back and I was like 'Why are you in my cooler?," Danna Owens said.

She told her husband, who the told the suspect to leave. When he didn't, the owner put the man in a wrestling hold, but Chip Owens said the man was determined not to leave. He grabbed a countertop and wouldn't let go.

"My associate Bo helped me undo him and I put him in a full nelson and put him on the ground, and held him for police," Owens said.

As for why the suspect decided to stop at the tavern, Chip Owens said:

"I think he knew he was in a lot of trouble and was going to go away for a very long time. Obviously he's going to be charged with attempted murder for cutting the kid. I guess I'd do that too, if that was the last thing I could do... Drink a beer."

The suspect was taken into custody around 1:00 p.m.

The stabbing victim suffered a three inch laceration to the forehead and was taken to Christiana Hospital.