Father, son reunited after 35 years!

August 4, 2009 3:40:02 PM PDT
35 years after they last saw each other father and son meet again in the same city, in the same building, working the same job. It happened just a few weeks ago, in Pennsauken.The excitement hasn't worn off for 59-year-old Joe Rosato, a truck driver at Goodwill's Retail Operations Center in Pennsauken, his life changed dramatically on July 10th, when Goodwill hired 39-year-old Joe Woods, Of Williamstown. Both men noticed the name first.

"I looked down when I went to clock in, I saw his name and that is my biological name," said Woods.

"When I saw him, knew it, but I didn't just, just saw him," said Rosato.

For the next few weeks, Joey Rosato and Joey Woods worked side by side, wondering, wishing and hoping.

Rosato got married 40 years ago at age 19 and had 2 children, a son, Joe Jr. and a daughter, Tracy. They lived in Maple Shade. The couple divorced a few years later.

"All I know she vanished," said Rosato.

The years passed and Rosato suffered bouts of depression and was homeless at times.

"I always had him on my mind."

Rosato's ex-wife re-married; her husband adopted the kids, changing their last name to Woods.

Fast forward 35 years Joe Jr. has settled in Williamstown. In February he was laid off from his job in Voorhees and took this job in Pennsauken.

"One day I came into work, jokingly, and said you're not going to believe this to him but that is my biological last name. He goes 'I have something better I'm your father'," said Woods.

"You got no idea how happy I was nobody knows that," Rosato said. And for Joey Jr. it's all still a little overwhelming.

"How can you soak in 35 years?"

Rosato also remarried during the time his first wife left he has 4 sons from that relationship, who can't wait to meet his namesake, Joey Woods.