Killer turtle in Bucks County...maybe

August 5, 2009 3:28:50 PM PDT
Rumors of a killer turtle in Bucks County have people talking.The story going around is that sometime within the last month at Falls Township Community Park, a little dog playing in the lake near the dog park was dragged under by a huge snapping turtle and was never seen from again; plus, his owner was so distraught, an ambulance had to be called.

Fact or fiction?

"I've heard enough people talking about it. I did meet a gentleman down here one night that was here when it supposedly happened," Christine Capuano of Falls Township said.

"The turtles are pretty big and they do have a bite to them and they have claws, too. So I guess it wouldn't be hard for them to take a dog and pull it underwater," Tom O'Neill of Levittown said.

"Until I see it, how do I know there's a 2-foot killer snapping turtle out there? I just don't believe it," Jeff Warton of Bristol Township siad.

Local officials have checked and say there's no record of the incident or another story about a woman having her toe bitten off by a turtle.

"We're talking to our police department, our ambulance squad, and our park security staff, but we have nothing to substantiate the claim at this time," Falls Township Manager Peter Gray said.

Whether the story is true or not, lots of dog owners believe it and are taking precautions to protect their pets when they're near the water.

"Of course, I'm very concerned that could happen to my dog so I'm keeping her on a leash when I normally never do," Nicole Weiss of Queen Village said.

Action News didn't see any snapping turtles during our visit to the park and until someone can verify the story about the disappearing dog, at least some folks aren't buying this one.

"They probably saw the size of the turtles and it just grew from there like a normal fish story," Diana Gibbs of Morrisville said.