Kitten thrown from car, police search for suspect

August 10, 2009 8:34:37 PM PDT
In Brookhaven, Delaware County, officials are calling this one of the most despicable cases of animal cruelty they've seen in a long time and talk about a defenseless victim.This kitten's future is in doubt. She suffered a one inch gash under her chin but even more damaging is the head trauma suffered after being tossed from a moving vehicle on Edgemont Avenue.

Dave Miskowic works at the AMF Auto Clinic.

A witness found the crying kitten lying in the road around 8:00 a.m. and brought her to the auto shop. A co-worker placed her in this box, got her out of the heat and called Animal Control.

"When I got to the scene I found out from the witnesses the kitten had been thrown from a moving vehicle," said Dave Schlott.

Veterinarian, Elizabeth Bukowski, has been treating the wounded kitten at the Old Marple Veterinary Clinic. She says the next few days are critical.

"She's perked up a lot and we're happy she's eating but we still don't know what her prognosis is."

If the 6-week-old kitten remains lethargic and unable to walk, she may have to be put down.

Dr. Bukowski says kittens can be resilient but they're still fragile animals.

"It's so sad, this little hopeless creature, unthinkable."

Brookhaven police are investigating, but the Delaware County SPCA is taking the lead in this investigation.

So far there is no make or model of the vehicle.

If you saw this kitten being thrown or know who may have owned the kitten, you're urged to call 610-566-1370.