Back to school smiles

August 12, 2009 3:00:48 PM PDT
Summer's over for some students in Bridesburg. First Philadelphia Charter School for Literacy opened its doors today.

It's the first school in the whole state to get started.

"There may be some grumblings at first, but the first day of school, the kids come and they can't wait. They're smiling and ready to go," 7th grade science teacher Steve Bolognone said.

Not only are these students smiling, but they feel they have an advantage over their peers.

"You get to learn new things that some kids in the public schools don't get to learn," 7th grader Tivona Bat-Yisrel said.

It was a rough start to the day for some of Carrie Bannon's kindergarteners who were nervous about their first day, but once they got settled in, they were excited to learn.

"I want to learn about different animals," kindergartener Victoria Lutton said.

"Toys, coloring, making stuff," kindergartener Drew Meyes said on what he is looking forward to.

This is Ms. Bannon's seventh year at First Charter and she saw many former students roaming the halls again today.

"A lot of our children start here in kindergarten and we now have our graduating 8th grade class. It's been wonderful to be a part of that experience," kindergarten teacher Carrie Bannon said.

Some of Ms. Bannon's old students are now in Mr. Bolognone's 7th grade science class. They have some advice for the young ones, as they begin their academic careers.

"As long as you do your homework and as long as you're nice, you'll get along with just about everybody," 7th grader Danielle Reynolds said.

"The teachers are great. Yes, they may be strict a little bit, but you'll get used to it," 7th grader Leila Solivan said.