Four arrested in Montco burglary spree

August 13, 2009 2:42:14 PM PDT
An alert neighbor and good police work led to four arrests in a series of burglaries in Montgomery County.But one more suspect remains on the loose.

Accused are: Thomas Beech, Matthew Nealis, Joseph Quirk, Michael Paul and Daniel Jolly. All except Jolly have been arrested.

There were 14 robberies, and three attempted robberies, from May until earlier this month. Police say burglars would sneak in through windows and unlocked doors during the daytime when no one was home.

One victim said the jewelry that was stolen from her was not only valuable for what it was worth in dollars, but what it meant to her family.

Eileen Hackenyops, of Horsham, said the jewelry belonged to her mother and grandmother before it was stolen in May. She and her husband were gone when the burglars struck.

"He came in through the patio, climbed through the window," Hackenyos said.

Besides Horsham, the burglars struck in the townships of Upper Dublin, Abington, Lower Moreland and Lower Gynedd.

Five men allegedly stole items ranging from electronics to jewelry.

Police say they were found out after two big breaks.

The first break came from cell phone photos a sharp-eyed neighbor snapped in Upper Dublin of a susicious car. Those shots lead investigators to the car's owner, Michael Paul, who worked at Village Thrift Shop in Bensalem. That's where police set up surveillance.

Then, in August, police busted two of the men, Beech and Nealis, after a robbery.

"One of the officers said, 'You know why you're being stopped. At that point the gentleman, Mr. Nealis, said 'I just get paid to drive them around," said Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman. "That was really the ultimate break in the case."

Authorities say they have recovered a significant amount of stolen items.