Fastest teakettle in the world

August 27, 2009 4:58:18 AM PDT
Charles Burnett III drives a car that's really smokin' -- or make that steamin'.

He was behind the wheel of the British Steam Car Challenge.

The car appears to have broken a more than 100-year-old land speed record.

The car, dubbed the "fastest teakettle in the world," hit a top speed of 151 miles per hour.

It averaged nearly 140 over two mile-long runs at Edwards Air Force Base, in the California desert.

If the run is confirmed, it will beat the official steam car record set by a Stanley Steamer in 1906.

That mark now stands at 127 mph. Burnett's steamer is no lightweight.

It weighs three tons and has 12 boilers to produce all that steam.

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