The parent/child Halloween duo

April 2, 2010 7:54:13 AM PDT
Halloween is a big deal in the Williams house. Nicholas, my seven-year-old looks forward to it - not because of the candy (he's not much of a candy eater actually)... but because he gets to wear dress up... don a costume... a disguise of his choice. And not just for trick-or-treating but for a Halloween parade at his elementary school.

So, as October 31st looms, Nicholas has a big decision to make. What will he be this year? In years past, it was easy. When he was 4, 5, even 6-years-old, it was all about the super-heroes - Batman, Superman, Spiderman. And all a parent had to do was go to the nearest Target or Wal-Mart and buy the costume and mask.

But this year, my seven-year-old wants to be a bit more creative. He wants a costume other kids probably won't have for the big parade. Well that was our weekend mission-- to find a different type of costume. Otherwise, it would be Batman - the old standby... the last thing he wanted.

At a huge, just opened costume store, we went from aisle to aisle looking at all the various possibilities. Nothing seemed exciting to Nicholas. Some of the costumes a bit too scary for his upcoming parade.

But just as we were about to leave, he saw it... a big green hat with the letter "L" on it.

"That's it," he exclaimed. "I can be Luigi!"

"Who," I asked?

"Luigi from the Mario brothers video games. I can wear the hat with some overalls and a fake moustache."

I certainly like how cost effective the idea was and immediately said great.

And then the catch...

"Dad, you can be Mario, here's a red hat with the letter M!"

"Sure," I said hesitatingly.

But the hat didn't fit my head (I guess it was too small). Nicholas seemed disappointed. But as always someone swooped in to save the day.

"I'll be Mario," said his mother. Thank goodness for moms - and their smaller heads.