Mom, sons arrested in Pa. drug bust

November 2, 2009 3:38:23 PM PST
Investigators say drug trafficking was a family affair for suspects charged in a drug ring in Berks County.

The probe spanned from New York, to Easton, to the campus of Kutztown University.

Investigators say brothers Kendall, Nolan and Jerome Alexander, along with their mother Felician Edwards, were the ring leaders behind a $2.5 million marijuana and ecstasy drug ring.

Action News spoke with Kendall and Nolan Alexander after they were arrested.

When asked about the charges, Kendall said "Bogus, man. It'll all come to light. Blood is Jesus, thank you Lord."

As for Nolan, he said "I don't even know the charges. Let that be known." When asked if he was a drug dealer, Nolan said "I'm a man of God."

But investigators say these guys are no choir boys. All said, nine people were arrested with the Alexanders.

Police say they used their pre-owned car business in Easton as a front to launder the drug money.

A major shipment of marijuana and ecstasy pills was siezed during the bust along with a small arsenal of weapons and tens of thousands of dollars in cash.

Attorney General Tom Corbett says the investigation continues, but it seems Kutztown University served as ground zero for this operation.

"The Alexanders targeted the Kutztown University campus for redistribution of their marijuana because of the especially high demand for the drug among students," Corbett said.

Corbett went on to say the Alexanders' contact at the school was a Kutztown University student named Blase Garrecht who now stands accused of playing the role of on-campus supplier. He's now charged with drug distribution and criminal conspiracy.

Corbett said the marijuana was a high-grade variety, that sold for up to $5,200 per pound and that the Alexanders sold hundreds of pounds of it over the last few years.