Designer Consigner offers big bargains

January 19, 2010 6:21:30 AM PST
At Designer Consigner, you'll find deals like a lace evening gown for $29 and a beaded evening gown for $20. So it's no wonder the shop was named "Best of Delaware" for bargain-shopping.

Tina Gold of North Wilmington has consigned a number of items here and she brought her friend Amy McGee here to shop for a dress for her upcoming wedding.

McGee loved it.

"It's very high-end and they're all in very good shape, " she said of the merchandise. "You can see what you're looking for. And the prices are awesome."

And true to its name, the store is chock full of designer items. We found purses from names like Chanel and Louis Vuitton for hundreds of dollars less than new retail, a $500 Escada blazer for $42, a $400 St. John knit sweater for $38 and a Dana Buchman silk jacket for $28.

We also spotted a Giorgio Armani beaded cocktail dress, with its original $3525 price tag still attached, for $225.

In the shoe department, there are gently used pairs from Dolce and Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, Ferragamo, Prada, Coach and more.

Michele Scott opened the store one year ago -- after losing her job to corporate down-sizing. She learned about consignment shopping from her mom -- who's now the store manager. Scott says her mother always shopped in consignment stores for her three daughters and that she and her sisters were always the best-dressed girls in school.

She says the store's low prices are key to its success.

"We were voted "Best of Delaware" for bargain shopping in the state because we price everything so low, we price everything to sell. It does the consigner no good if it's sitting in their closet. It does us no good if it sits here."

Designer Consigner is located at 7209 Lancaster Pike in Hockessin. The phone number is: (302) 239-4034. To access their brand-new website, click here.