Workout at home for less

January 22, 2010 3:36:38 PM PST
Brett Hoebel, creator of the Rev Abs workout, has trained Victoria's Secret models. But he says you don't have to have money like a star to get a body like one.

"Working out can be completely affordable, particularly if you do it in-home," Hoebel says.

For Kim Bednar, of Fairmount, who recently lost her job, the cost of a gym membership is a bit out of reach.

But Hoebel outfitted Kim and her friend Hillary with all the gear they need for a full-body workout, spending less than $100 at T.J. Maxx and Marshall's. Then he ran them for a workout routine they could do at home.

"Make it easy, make it affordable," Hoebel advises. "And it's not just going to be ab training. It's going to be ab training to sculpt the abs, interval cardio to burn the fat off the stomach and strength-training to build lean, fat-burning muscle because you need muscle to burn fat."

Hoebel started the ladies with a stretch, followed by lunges.

Next, he showed them pushups with weights to work the upper body and squat-thrusts. then, he took them through a series of six different ab exercises, to work upper and lower abs, obliques and the lower back.

The workout was low-cost -- but effective.

To see the moves Hoebel suggests, see the slide show we've created.