Mrs. Fixit: Baby Wipes Container

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February 4, 2010 10:28:10 AM PST
I have somen ew ideas for baby wipes containers can really help around the house.

I keep a container in a drawer in my kitchen to stash plastic bags in, the little pop up dispenser makes it easy to pull the bags back out one by one when i need them.

Also, I keep used dryer sheets in another container. I like to have them on hand for dusting, cleaning blinds and cutting static on clothing and electronics.

I keep all of my food coloring and cookie and cakes items in a baby wipe box so I always know where they are, but they're not cluttering up the cabinet every day.

A baby wipes container is an inconspicuous hiding place for cash or jewelry.

Keep an office kit for the car, fill the container with a stapler, paperclips, envelopes, stamps, scissors and pens. You'll always have them when you're on the go!

Kids card games get separated and mixed up, stick them in a baby wipes box and they'll be there when you need them. They're also great for other games like dominoes.

Just some alternative uses for baby wipes containers that can really be helpful. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!