2 raccoon attacks in 2 days

January 25, 2010 5:46:52 PM PST
For the second time in two days, there's been a raccoon attack in Wilmington, Delaware, and of course, the first thing you worry about is rabies.

Monday morning, a raccoon emerged from some bushes and bit a security guard as he walked the grounds of the Chase Building on the 300 block of Walnut.

Less than 24 hours earlier, a woman left services at the Old Swedes Episcopal Church a few blocks away. A raccoon made a beeline for her daughter. She tried to fight it off, but she too was bitten.

Capt. Brian Whipple of the Delaware Animal Care and Control told Action News, "To have two in the same general area is odd. It's not to say it's the same raccoon but there is a possibility of that."

Officials say they won't learn if the raccoon is rabid until it's caught. Whipple believes the raccoon is probably searching for food.

The church cemetery is home to several feral cats which are fed by personnel there. That could have attracted the aggressive raccoon, according to officials.

"We're going to be out there checking the streets, doing patrols in the area and setting up traps in the area and seeing who is feeding feral cats and seeing if they can stop as well," Whipple said.

"It's crazy. They got the big teeth. They come at you. What are you going to do? You run. You run," said Curt Learn of Wilmington when he spoke with Action News.

Both victims were treated at local hospitals and are expected to be OK. The Department of Health is monitoring the situation.