Hawks at The Franklin are expecting!

April 20, 2010 12:20:13 PM PDT
At the Franklin Institute in Center City Philadelphia all eyes are on 2 special visitors who are making themselves right at home.

One half of the red-tailed hawk duo showed up at the nest last Monday, which happens to be on the windowsill outside a third-floor board room.

The sight is turning just about everyone, into a "hawk-a-holic."

"Here we are in the middle of a major urban area and you have hawks nesting on the side of the Franklin Institute. What better story is that," said Dennis Wint.

The pair first made its home at the institute last year, producing three baby hawks.

A week ago their activity had increased again, indicating there may be more offspring on the way. Then yesterday, an egg was found!

The hawks, or at least the female, seem very comfortable in their urban environment. And so you would think the hawks also don't mind being part of a Truman Show-like, 24-7 broadcast on the Franklin Institute's web site.

The web cam is a perfect way to watch, and not disturb.

"Why the Franklin Institute we don't know except that maybe our relationship to science that attracted them here."

The camera caught the hawks eating over the weekend, and then doing some more "spring cleaning" Monday morning.

Hawk watchers expect a hatching sometime next month.

Click here to watch the Hawk Cam