Time bank: exchanging services with others

March 24, 2010 4:35:13 AM PDT
Tom Hammer wanted to add a new deck to his house. But since he'd been laid off he also wanted to save some money. So he turned to the Kennett Time Bank for help. "The Kennett Time Bank is essentially just a group of people who've decided to get together to share time and help each other out."

The bank is a group of about thirty people who've agreed to exchange services they can perform for services they need. Like Clarke Green, a carpenter, who helped Tom design and build his deck.

"I have a couple of projects coming up, I have some things where I'm going to need some secretarial work and little proofreading and copy editing that I'll be able to draw on not necessarily from Tom but from somebody else in the bank," Clarke said.

Tom has offered to tutor children or fix bicycles, other members of the bank offer rides to the doctor's office, yard work, and much more.

"We're trusting each other that we're eventually get that 7 hour paid back by helping someone for seven hours and it doesn't have to be the person who helped me."

Tom and Clarke keep track of the hours donated and used online. And there's a screening process to join, but it's still fairly informal. Many members have more time than money right now, so, the goal is to just help each other out.

"You meet nice people and you get to do nice things for them, and they get to do nice things for you. Just makes life, especially in these times a little simpler," Clarke said.

For information on signing up:
Time Bank Facebook page
Time Bank website