"For the Mommas" blogger shares tips

March 17, 2010 10:23:43 AM PDT
Shannon Shaffer points to a counter full of items including movie passes, light bulbs, cereal, body lotion and more and proudly declares that she got all of the items for free. But perhaps her best deal recently is the 27 bottles of laundry detergent that didn't cost her a penny. Fortunately, Shannon like to share her shopping savvy, which is why she created her blog, "For the Mommas." "Everybody was asking me,'How did you get that so cheap?' " Shannon explains about how her blog got started. "So instead of sending all these emails, I just started a little blog, writing for my friends and my family and it just kind of took off from there. " On her site, Shannon lists freebies and shows readers how to match up sales and coupons to maximize savings. Which is how she got all that laundry detergent. "I didn't pay for any of them because most stores will allow you to use a Buy One, Get One Free coupon with a Buy One, Get One Free sale at their store. So you technically get two for free," she explains. Using her own tips, Shannon never spends more than $45 a week on food and toiletries for her family of three. "It's the thrill of the chase," she says. "There was a point where I wouldn't pay $1 or more for toothpaste. Now, I won't pay for toothpaste at all, ever! So it becomes a game. " And though she says she usually gets between 20 and 30 free products a month, manufacturers offer a lot more deals that are never used. "I think that the economy has kind of spurred this newfound interest in coupons," Shannon says. "But the interesting fact is that we only use a small percentage of the coupons that companies put out." To check out Shannon's blog, click here.