Amish-owned grocery offers savings

March 19, 2010 5:17:08 PM PDT
Morgantown, Pa., is known for it's furniture outlets. But it turns out, it's also a great place to save on food, thanks to BB's Grocery Outlet.

"You're going to find bents, bumps and you're going to find bargains."

That's General Manager Butch Marvin's quick explanation of what you'll find at the four Amish-owned BB's Grocery Outlets -- including this store in Morgantown.

The shelves here are stocked with items that have been damaged and items that are over-stocks.

And all are deeply discounted


"The stuff that we have on our damage shelves, that comes out of the damage in grocery stores, generally runs 50% of retail," Marvin explains. "In the close-coded or over-run section, that would run 65-70% off retail."

The selection changes all the time. None of the items is expired, but some are past their "best-used-by" dates.

We found pecan twirls for $.25 and Pillsbury Christmas cake mixes for $.50.

Among the damaged items, we spotted dented cans of Progresso soups for $1.00 and bent boxes of Quaker Morning Minis for $1.25.

Other items showed little wear or tear, but still had great prices. They included green grapes for $.69 cents a pound and frozen chicken thighs for $.79 a pound.

Shoppers say the prices are the big draw.

"You go to some places like Acme and Croppers and you walk out spending $60 on four bags," says Dan Boden, a father of two from Honey Brook, Pa. "When you can spend $60 here and you can get 10 bags. We basically want to get the most for our buck."

Here are the locations of BB's Grocery Outlets:
6180 Morgantown Road in Morgantown, Pa.
581 Camargo Raod in Quarryville, Pa.
Route 419 North in Schaefferstown, Pa.
20 Quigley Road in Newburg, Pa.

The stores do not take coupons and only the stores in Morgantown and Newburg take credit and debit cards. The other locations do not have electricity, though they do have diesel-fed freezer shopping areas.