Join the Movement for a Litter Free Philly

Join the Movement for a Litter Free Philly

March 30, 2010 1:58:54 PM PDT
The Philadelphia Streets Department is proud to announce UnLitter Us, the first sustained public service campaign to rid our City of litter once and for all. The same litter that blights neighborhoods, hurts business, and keeps people down. We won't put up with it any more. Philadelphia deserves better, and the Streets Department stands firm in its commitment to attack litter on every front.We're with you

Many of you already work hard within your own communities to fight litter. You've told us how frustrating it is when other residents don't support your efforts by simply picking up after themselves. Now help is here in the form a massive citywide anti-litter initiative. We're with you, and our goal is a City united behind us. If each person just did a little - saved that food wrapper for the waste basket, tied up their trash properly, used an approved dump site - it would mean so much. We can do this. Now is the time for all of us to stand up, speak up and join the movement for a litter free Philly.

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