Fowl play: Pet chicken killed in Philly suburb

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April 7, 2010 4:42:18 AM PDT
A chicken has met with a death most foul in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Lauren Steltzer said her pet chicken, Connie, was killed with a bow and arrow shortly after escaping on March 29.

Lower Merion police said they received a call about a large orange chicken on someone's lawn.

A police officer, who has not been identified, called a firefighter friend with archery skills to shoot Connie.

Police Lt. Christopher Polo said no crime was committed and a chicken isn't protected under state game laws. But he says the officer could have used better judgment.

Steltzer said she posted fliers in her neighborhood and messages on Facebook to find Connie.

She said from now on, she'll put tiny ID tags on her chickens so people can see they're pets.