UK's top 2 parties locked in election standoff

Election exit poll results are projected onto the Palace of Westminster,London, Thursday May 6, 2010. Millions of people in constituencies across the UK have cast their votes in the 2010 general election the vast majority of constituencies will conduct their counts overnight, with about 20 not due to begin the process until after 0900 GMT on Friday. The first BBC exit poll suggests that the Conservative Party will have 307 seats, the Labour Party 255 seats, the Liberal Democrats 59 seats and others 29 seats, thus predicting a hung parliament with no single party having an overall majority.(AP Photo/Tom Hevezi)

May 7, 2010 4:44:53 AM PDT
The Conservatives and Labour jockeyed for the support of Britain's smaller parties Friday after a close-fought, confusing election that, for the first time in almost four decades, produced no outright winner.