H1N1survivor marries at hospital that saved her

May 28, 2010 3:15:27 PM PDT
Her family and even her doctors and nurses say it is a miracle she survived. Now she is sharing one of the most special days of her life with the people who helped save her.

"I will always and forever love you and I will take care of you the way you have taken care of me," Elise Rector said as she married Vincent Scott.

Elise never thought she'd be able to speak these words.

In fact her nurses at Cooper University Hospital never got to hear her voice.

"We only saw her during her stay here and she was very sick," said one.

In November, Elise was rushed to the hospital. Her lungs had failed due to the H1N1 virus.

At the time she was 36 weeks pregnant... With Jayla... Who was delivered via C-section as Elise remained in a medically-induced coma.

We first met Elise in February when she woke up and was finally breathing on her own. She was leaving then to go to a rehabilitation center.

Now she's back at the hospital, this time in the chapel, celebrating life and marriage.

"You may now kiss your bride," said the minister, Elise's father Brent, a Baptist minister.

"It's just overwhelming and I'm so happy for this day for them to celebrate," he told us.

"This is like the grand finale to the miracle," he said.

Vincent had spent every day by his now-wife's bedside..He told us today is the greatest day of his life.

I'm so happy she pulled through and we were able to start our family," he said.

Their daughter Jayla is now 7-months-old, healthy and happy.

Her miracle mom is now back home.

"I'm alive and living a great life with Jayla and Vince," says Elise.

Elise is still recovering, and is able to walk short distances with a walker. The hope is that she will be fully-recovered in a year.