Bear sends elementary students scrambling

May 28, 2010 3:53:05 PM PDT
It's been a very busy week in Bucks County where there have been multiple reports of bears roaming around, including one spotted Monday in the soccer fields at Cold Spring Elementary School on Durham Road in Buckingham.

"It walked out of the woods and it wasn't walking too fast, but once they blew the whistle it kind of ran a little," 4th grader Luke Anthony told Action News.

About 130 4th graders were outside for recess when the bear appeared. They were quickly hustled inside when the bear was spotted.

"No one was at all close to him," said Kathy Peppiatt of Cold Spring Elementary said. "Everything was taken care of and it was totally safe."

"I didn't believe him at first," parent Tracy Morgan said. "I thought, 'What do you mean a bear? An actual, like a real bear?' And all the kids were talking about it saying, 'Yes, we actually saw a bear!'"

Seeing a bear in this area isn't totally unheard of. It's happened twice before at this school. This is the time of year when mother bears are booting out their older cubs to get them to live on their own.

"This is the time of year they kick the yearlings out because they have new cubs," said Plumstead Police Chief Duane Hasenauer. "They come across the river and they come into Pennsylvania and they just head north."

Plumstead police chief Duane Hasenauer says he's had half a dozen bear reports this week.

"They like to eat and when it's gone they move on," Hasenauer said.

Police advise people in the area to seal up your garbage and steer clear of a bear if you see one.