We put Kangoo Jump shoes to the test

June 14, 2010 7:00:39 PM PDT
The shoes are called Kangoo Jumps, and they claim to give you a great workout without the wear and tear on your joints.

In fact, many people say they mimic the feel of running on a trampoline.

I tried them out, along with producer Cheryl Mettendorf, along with a representative for the Kangoo Jumps company, Beth Kruper.

Kruper showed us the ropes and, after about two to three minutes, Cheryl and I both got the hang of it.

Kruper says Kangoo Jumps absorb 80-percent of the shock while you're running so it's easier on your joints. They're also said to tone your leg muscles faster and burn more calories than running in sneakers.

"When you run in them you're using more muscles than you would in sneakers," Kruper said. "So if you usually burn 100 calories in a mile, you'll burn 130 to 140."

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So what do runners and fitness experts think?

First we asked triathlete Matt White to give Kangoo Jumps a try. After a short run down Kelly Drive, he says they were easier to use than they look. He also agreed they're easier on your joints.

"It absorbs all the shock especially when you're running on concrete," White said.

College student Lindsay Scoffone of Mount Airy also quickly became fan.

"It felt good, it felt easier than running actually," Scoffone said.

But are they safe and do they live up to their claims? We asked Joe Ruhl, president and co-owner of Excel Physical Therapy and Fitness, to give them a try.

His initial impression was they felt better than he anticipated. He said the shoes do seem easy on the joints and said it made sense that the Jumps will help you tone muscles faster and burn more calories.

"You could really feel those muscles working a lot more than what you would normally do when jogging," said Ruhl.

As for the claim on the Kangoo Jumps website about the shoes giving you a natural facelift... He couldn't comment on that. But, overall, he thinks they're safe for healthy people and a good way to heighten the fun factor in your workouts.

However, the Kangoo Jumps are not for everyone, he said. They should not be used by pregnant women or any one with balance or serious medical problems.

They cost about $230 to $260.