Mrs. Fixit: Tea

June 27, 2010 7:53:46 AM PDT
I love to sit down with a nice hot cup of tea at the end of the day, but it doesn't have to be an end - it can also be the beginning of some great household tips.

Put an unused tea bag in your refrigerator to absorb any odors given off by food.

It will have the same effect on stinky sneakers. Just make sure you toss those tea bags when you pull them out.

The tannic acids in tea can help soothe a burn. So putting a damp tea bag on a small burn with cool it and make it heal more quickly.

The same thing will work for a sunburn. Soak a towel in some room temperature tea, wring it out well and lay it on the sunburn.

Stash a flavored tea bag in your dresser drawer and it will act as a lovely sachet and lightly scent the clothes.

Finally if the cup of tea isn't going to be enough to soothe you at the end of the day, soak a couple of tea bags in warm water. Wring them out and lay them over your eyes.

Those tannic acids will reduce swelling and puffiness and relax you. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!