NBC changes rules to allow gay `Today' wedding

July 8, 2010 7:34:31 PM PDT
NBC's "Today" show says it is changing the rules for its annual wedding contest to allow same-sex couples to apply.

The network made the determination after a meeting with gay and lesbian activists on Thursday, and extended the deadline for applications.

The morning show runs a contest every year where viewers choose a couple to get married on the show. Viewers plan every aspect of the wedding, from the cake to decorations, and it takes place live on the air sometime in the fall.

NBC says it abided by New York state rules, where same-sex marriages aren't allowed. But after activists pointed out that a couple could still get a marriage license in another state and have the ceremony at the "Today" show, the network said it would allow same sex couples to apply.

There's still no guarantee that viewers will be able to choose a same-sex couple. NBC ultimately culls through thousands of applicants to give viewers a choice of four couples.