Virtual job fair helping vets find work

July 16, 2010 3:02:31 PM PDT
For the next few weeks, hundreds of veterans in the Delaware Valley are participating in a virtual job fair.

Milicruit and Wounded Warrior have joined forces to bring the job fair to vets and military spouses.

It's an opportunity for them to network, interview and apply for employment all from the comfort of their own homes.

After 25 years in the army, Ray Correa retired in 2005. Then, last year, his employer of 18 years cut his hours to part-time. He lost his health benefits as his wife was suffering from cancer; she died in February and Ray has continued to struggle.

"Now that I have cut hours, I need to supplement everything I can get to keep my home and stay afloat," Correa said.

With Milicruit's online job fair, Ray has access to 33 employer.

Every vendor has a virtual booth and every booth has video describing the company. The applicant has the ability to chat live, and submit his resume.

"It's valuable to any veteran, especially in this job market, but also for those who are disabled or injured. It levels the playing field for them," said Kevin O'Brien of Milicruit.

The job fair is only open right now to those who have previously registered, but you can visit their website now to register for the next virtual career fair which should begin in about a month.

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