Megabus makes Philadelphia a hub

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July 21, 2010 7:00:28 AM PDT
Starting today, Megabus -- the bus line that offers $1 fares -- is turning Philadelphia into a hub.

In addition to offering cheap trips to New York, Megabus will now have have express service to cities including Baltimore, Washington, Atlantic City, Boston, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, State College, Buffalo, Syracuse and Toronto.

And though not all the tickets are one dollar -- they are good deals.

"Every bus and every trip has some $1 seats on it and after the $1 seats have been purchased, then, incrementally, the price goes up to $8, $10 like that," explains Dale Moser, President and COO of Coach USA, which owns Megabus.

"But even the top fare on different trips is still a good deal compared to the alternatives, which are driving or flying."

Aysul Watson, of Berlin, Germany, and her family took Megabus to Philadelphia from New York.

"Greyhound would be be $250 for us, because we are five people, and this was $62," she said.

And price isn't the only difference between Megabus and traditional bus lines.

For one thing, the buses don't leave from terminals. You'll wait for your megabus outside on JFK Boulevard, just above 30th Street Station.

And the routes are express, without a lot of stops along the way. Plus, there are moden amenities.

"We use a unique vehicle -- it is a European touring double-decker bus, unique to North America," Moser says. "It's got free WiFi, power outlets, reclining seats, air conditioning, rest rooms, it's very comfortable."

Gary Evans of New York rides Megabus all the time to visit his Mom and hair-styling clients here in Philadelphia.

"It's always on time, the prices you can't beat," he says. "Instead of taking Amtrak, I say, why not jump on the megabus?"

To see the Megabus schedule or to make reservations, click here.