2 Titans tangle for Wing Bowl 19 title

El Wingador, a 5-time Wing Bowl champ, and Super Squibb, the current 2-time defending Wing Bowl champi, await for the announcement of the winner of Wing Bowl 19. (Spectacor)

February 2, 2012 9:06:56 AM PST
In a spicy showdown of epic portions, it came down to a battle between men with 7 Wing Bowl titles between them!

A crowd of roughly 20,000 people packed the Wells Fargo center in South Philadelphia for radio station WIP's Wing Bowl 19; some of them arriving as early as 4 a.m.

After the traditional parade of homemade floats rolled into the arena, many of them accompanied by scantily clad women, the downing of Buffalo-style chicken wings commenced.

When Round 1 finished, the competition that started with a field of 26 entrants really came down to only 2 men: 5-time returning champion El Wingador was in the lead with 150 wings eaten; a 3 wing lead over 2-time defending champion Super Squibb.

At the end of Round 2, the competition had tightened. El Wingador with a total of 237 wings eaten, Super Squibb with a total of 236 wings eaten.

Then, in a final wing off against the top 2 competitors, Super Squibb pulled ahead to retain his crown, with a total of 255 wings to 254 wings.

Just as they have done in years past, PJ Welihans in southern New Jersey cooked up 9,000 wings for this year's Wing Bowl.

This year's WIP Wing Bowl also featured an appearance by professional eater Kobayashi, who has become one of the most popular professional eaters in the world.

As part of a demonstration during halftime between the 2 rounds of eating, Kobayashi set out to break the world record for cheesesteak eating, which stood at 48 seconds.

VIDEO: While cameras rolled, he downed an entire cheesesteak in roughly 24 seconds, shattering the old record, if it is confirmed.

Kobayashi also announced that he plans to compete next year in Wing Bowl 20.