Arrest in murder of Phila. police officer's son

Rasheed Gey

February 17, 2012 9:13:04 PM PST
An arrest has been made in the killing of a Philadelphia police officer's son.

Dennis Gore, Jr. was killed a week and a half ago in the Overbrook section of Philadelphia.

There was a $25,000 reward for information on the murder of Dennis Gore, Jr., a police officer's son.

Authorities say witnesses came forward with information that led to the arrest of an 18 year old man who lived around the corner.

Rasheed Gey, 18, of the 5400 block of Stewart Street, was arrested on Friday and charged for the murder of 24-year-old Dennis Gore, Jr.

The killing happened back on the afternoon of Monday, February 6th. Police said Gore was shot as he walked to his home with his girlfriend after they picked up some takeout cheesesteaks.

The 24-year-old father of two was gunned down at 55th and Hunter streets.

Gore's personal reputation was pristine, so police were baffled as to the motive. Investigators did not offer any clarification when they announced Gey's arrest on Friday.

Relatives of Dennis Gore broke into applause and cheers when they learned a suspect had been arrested.

The man identified as 18 year old Rasheed Gey, is now in custody in connection for Gore's murder.

"I'm just blessed and glad that he is caught and no one else out here has to fear, because there are kids out here. There are young kids still scared to walk down the street," said the victim's aunt, Charlene Taylor.

"We still don't know the motive, if it was mistaken identity or some other thing was going on. We just don't know, it's kind of a mystery," said Commissioner Charles Ramsey.

Police say several witnesses came forward identifying Gey as the killer; a man who lived just three blocks away.

Relatives all had the same question.

"We just want to know why?" asks the victim's uncle Michael Taylor.

"Why?? Why?? Why are these young folks acting this way?" asks Cheryl Jackson. "Stop taking other people's lives out here, because we're all trying to survive. We all know it's hard, but please stop! Put the guns down!"

Friday was a difficult day for Gore's relatives, but they say they really needed to hear the news.

"Today was Dennis funeral, and it's a blessing that he got caught this day," said Jackson.

Rasheed Gey is awaiting arraignment. Gey is charged with Murder, Reckless Endangering Another Person, Violation of the Uniform Fire Arms Act and related offenses.

Gore, the father of two young children was gunned down at 55th & Hunter Street around 1:30pm in the afternoon on February 6th. Police say as he was walking home with his girlfriend, the gunman suddenly appeared and opened fire, striking him 5 times at point blank range without ever saying a word. Gore's personal reputation was pristine, so police remained baffled as to a motive.