Del. women becoming 'Bleacher Babes' at Oscars

February 20, 2012 4:01:35 PM PST
Susan Mahoney and her mom, Sue Elentrio, are ready to work the red carpet at the Academy Awards.

"Going to sit on the red carpet bleachers and sit on the red carpet has been on my bucket list and my mom's bucket list for so many years," Mahoney of Bear, Delaware said

"I have to tell you, we are the red carpet queens," Elentrio said.

Well, not quite the carpet, but close.

At this Sunday's awards show, they are officially going by Bleacher Babes.

They won a contest hosted by the Academy that gives Oscar fans a chance to watch all the red carpet action from the sidelines.

"You just submit your entry. It's a one time thing and that's it, it's just a link; you don't have to write anything. We don't know how my mom won, she is just a lucky person," Mahoney said.

Speaking of lucky, they have a list of celebrities they can't wait to see walk the red carpet from George Clooney to Brad Pitt to Bradley Cooper.

Mom and daughter will watch the awards show at a private viewing party.

They were invited to be on Good mMorning America the next day along with the other contest winners and the Oscar winners!

They even booked their own room at the Beverly Hills Hilton ? just in case.

"I bet there will be after parties there that my daughter will try to crash while I am sleeping," Elentrio said.

And of course Action News will be LIVE from the red carpet too!

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