Pay 6 Forward: Linda from Collingswood

May 16, 2012 3:19:09 PM PDT
We went to South Jersey and stood out with our sign, "I'm giving away $600 ask me how."

I went to Brooklawn, N.J. and held out my sign, "I'm giving away $600. Ask me how."

Flo Wicker told me about her friend Linda Kitts, struggling with ovarian cancer.

"She's been a friend of mine for quite a few years from church," Flo told us. " She had a tumor and she went to, the doctor and they found she was completely filled. She's on chemo now."

Luckily, everything involved with "The Rules" for all our Pay 6 Forward stories fell into place:
*You can't keep it yourself
*You can't be a relative or someone you live with
*The money needs to be a friend or a neighbor or someone from a church group who is going through a particularly hard time.
*They have to be available RIGHT THEN for the surprise!

We went to Linda's Collingswood home where she lives alone. She raised three children on her own, but they've moved out. You wonder who's caring for Linda and helping her pay the bills while she's sick? Neighbors have done what they could and we wanted to help too.

"Linda I feel so strong about our relationship that I want you to have something that's very important that's going to help you," Flo told her.

"Channel 6 wants to surprise you with $600 in cash that we want to give to your friend and she wants to pay it forward to you," I told her.

Then Linda said something I will never forget.

"God has blessed me with cancer... I have seen so much love and outpouring of support... and it's my job to get better and be a part of that too."

Linda said she was a loner, isolated. Then cancer brought friends out of the woodwork to help.

"I will not be the same. I'm not going to hide or feel sad. I'm not going to be depressed and sad. I'm just going to go forward. However long I'm meant to be here, I'm going to be a better person and do a better job at it," she said. "It's OK. Oh Flo, I love you, I really do."

Then it was time to "Pay 6 Forward."

I paid 6 forward to Flo and she gave her friend some much needed help.

I will never forget Linda's optimism and courage under such difficult circumstances. When I asked what she'll do with the money, she said she was wondering how she'd pay her mortgage so she'll use it for that. Her house is up for sale and she's hoping to find something she can afford.

We also have a new part of our Pay 6 Forward series underway. Just follow this link and tell us how you plan to pay it forward. Action News just might show up to help with your surprise.