Toddler shot at block party in Logan

June 17, 2012 3:14:16 AM PDT
Police are investigating a shooting in the Logan section of Philadelphia that left a small child seriously wounded Saturday night.

Police say several shots were fired in the 4600 block of North 12th Street around 9:00pm.

There was a large block party to celebrate Father's Day weekend and about 200 people were on the street. The festivities started around 4:00pm Saturday afternoon, and witnesses say things were peaceful throughout most of the night.

Someone opened fire on the crowd around Courtland and 12th Streets. A 2-year-old was shot in the stomach, one man hit in the leg, and another man shot in the hand.

The men are expected to be survive and the toddler remains in stable condition after surgery at St. Christopher's Hospital.

One neighbor said he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the little girl unconscious in the street.

"I have two girls and a boy, and it hurt me when I saw her limp body on the ground. Paramedics had to run down to get her. The mother or the grandmother was lying on the ground trying to get her to be responsive. It was so crowded they couldn't get a car down the street, a paramedic or anything," explained Mike Diaz.

Witnesses say it was dramatic moments as paramedics worked to save the victims.

Police have several people in for questioning, no word if the suspects were among them.

The shooting remains under investigation.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Philadelphia Police.