Philadelphia Eagles consider upgrading Lincoln Financial Field

June 19, 2012 5:09:19 PM PDT
The Philadelphia Eagles are proposing a major makeover at their South Philadelphia stadium.

Team officials are looking at a project that they hope will generate additional revenue and improve the fan experience at Lincoln Financial Field.

"We're always looking for ways improve the building and improve the experience to keep it fresh, state of the art," said the Eagles' new president, Don Smolenski.

Smolenski confirmed to Action News that the birds are exploring upgrades to their 69,000 seat home.

Among the things being considered: improved video boards, a restaurant, more seats, and so-called field-level suites such as those built into the lower level of the Cowboys stadium in Dallas.

Could such suites be retro fitted here?

"I think if you talk to a contractor he can do anything," said Smolenski. "It's just a matter of what price you want to put to it."

Smolenski would not confirm published estimates of a $60-$100 million price tag for renovations. While the stadium is city-owned, improvements must be paid for by the Eagles, not taxpayers.

"That's a business decision that they make," said Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, "and we don't have any financial responsibility whatsoever."

The Eagles say they have been asking focus groups of ticket holders what they would like changed.

"We are processing all their responses," said Smolenski.

We spoke with some tailgating Phillies fans who are also Eagles fans. They like the Linc.

"Good sightlines to watch the game, easy access to the bathrooms," said one man.

And as for what they don't like?

"Normally I can't afford to go to games anyway," said Katie MacConnell of Northeast Philadelphia. "Maybe they could lower ticket prices."