Mrs. Fixit: Interchangeable Picture Frames

June 30, 2012 7:25:06 AM PDT
Do you love to change out artwork depending on your mood or the season? I have an easy project that will let you do just that.

You'll need a piece of hardboard, some magnetic paint and some magnet clips.

Cut your hardboard to fit your frame just like a picture would and paint it out with some magnetic paint.

The paint you can find at any hardware or paint store. You can paint, decoupage or lay some fabric or wrapping paper over the magnetic board to dress it up.

Once you've finished dressing up and magnetizing the frame, all you need to do is add your clips. Choose any clips you want and you can paint them out to match the frame.

Now you can change your artwork to suit your mood. This is a fun and easy project for your home, a child's bedroom or even a classroom.

It's sure to give your items a special feel ? just try it for yourself!