Parenting: Stay-at-home dads are happy

July 2, 2012 9:25:35 AM PDT
The US economic collapse left millions of people without work. Many of whom are dads, who were the official breadwinners of the family.

Losing a job forces dads into stay-at-home fatherhood, while their wives have either kept their jobs or were able to find one quicker.

That's the story we've been hearing about the new economy, and the growing role of stay-at-home dads but is that the way it really is?

Not so, according to researchers at Boston College. They interviewed 31 SAHD's (stay-at-home dads in abbreviation form) for a study called "The New Dad: Right at Home." Head researcher Brad Harrington says most of the SAHDs he spoke to were staying at home by choice - and loving it.

"Contrary to media reports about laid off fathers who re-invent themselves as full-time caregivers, most of the men we interviewed report that being a stay-at-home dad is a choice, not simply a reaction to an unanticipated job loss," Harrington says in the release.

Harrington also spoke to many of the wives who report that having a supportive husband at home taking care of the children has liberated them in pursuit of a career.

We profiled a stay-at-home dad who fits the more stereotypical profile on Action News. He lost his job and found himself caring for his daughter, and enjoying it.
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