Mrs. Fixit: Plastic Soda Bottles

January 23, 2013 7:38:47 AM PST
Before you recycle those plastic soda bottles - take a second look. I have some ways to use those bottles around your house.

Cut the bottom third off of a plastic soda bottle and use a pushpin to attach it to the inside of your kitchen cabinet. It makes the perfect landing spot for steel wool soap pads so they have a chance to dry out.

Use the bottom of a plastic soda bottle to start seeds in the springtime.

Use the top of a plastic bottle as a makeshift funnel for indoor or outdoor use.

Use the bottom two thirds of that same bottle to store paint brushes in your craft area.

Use the bottom half of a bottle filled with water to clean your brushes between colors.

Speaking of crafts, the bottom of a soda bottle makes pretty flower blossoms for a painting.

Dip the bottom of a plastic bottle in acrylic paints and then onto the surface you're painting.

Use different sized plastic bottles to make different sized blooms or to layer colors onto each bloom.

Some easy ideas for reusing your plastic soda bottles at home. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.