Flyers Scott Hartnell makes movie debut

Courtesy Universal Studios

January 11, 2013 4:25:23 PM PST
Flyers fans have waited almost four months for the lockout to end, and will wait another week for the season to begin.

The Flyers plan to open an abbreviated training camp on Sunday.

Many of the players have been keeping themselves busy during their off-time.

We've all seen Flyers Forward Scott Hartnell score on the biggest stage in hockey, but during the lockout, he also scored on the big screen.

Hartnell, along with former Flyers James Van Reimsdyk, Matt Carle and Ian Laperriere, made cameo appearances in the movie "This is 40".

"I got to shoot a movie with Leslie Mann and Megan Fox, you'd be an idiot to turn that down," said Hartnell.

They got the experience because Laperriere knew a producer on the movie, and they needed a guy with no teeth.

Hartnell admits he was very nervous when he saw himself on the big screen for the first time at the premier of the comedy.

"My face got red, I started to sweat. My dress shirt was drenched, and then the first scene was my big mug on the screen.

Their limited acting experience likely played a role in why he wasn't nominated for an Oscar Thursday.

"Maybe if they had an award for the shortest cameo in the year, maybe I would get nominated for that," Hartnell said.

"I think he needs more practice," said Kimmo Timonen.

As much fun as that was, Hartnell says he would rather win awards for his role on the Flyers. He can't wait to go back to being a star on the ice like he was last year when he went to his first all star game.

"I don't want to take any steps back from the progress that I made last year," said Hartnell.

Hartnell is hoping the lines that Peter Laviolette puts together wins him the award he really wants, the Stanley Cup.