Residents clean up, enjoy day after snowfall

January 26, 2013 3:20:59 PM PST
It was the day after the snow fell and though there wasn't much of it, the winter weather caused more than a few problems for residents.

Residents in Overbrook broke out their shovels to tackle the snow covered steps, sidewalks and driveways they awoke to on Saturday morning.

In Manayunk that same snow started Dennis Small's day off right.

"It's beautiful, it's like a fresh new day," said Small.

He joined other dog owners at the local dog park. Small's dog Dakota felt right at home in the frigid temperatures.

"He loves it, that's Dakota my wolf," said Small.

It's not just Dakota, most people didn't seem to mind the snow that caused havoc Friday night.

"I almost swerved off the road and hit a pole, thankfully I didn't," said one resident.

This was the scene on the 300 block of Ripka Street in Roxborough where eight vehicles were involved in three separate accidents.

One of the collisions involved a Philadelphia officer but no injuries were reported.

In Manayunk, people say walking and driving wasn't really a problem either. On roads like Cotton Street, cars and trucks were able to get through just fine.