PennDOT crews rush to the roadways

February 9, 2013 3:01:10 AM PST
The roads are pretty empty but the rush to prepare for the storm had more than just PennDOT crews running around.

Person after person had the same idea.

"Everyone is out here trying to get snacks for the snow storm. The one day snow storm," said Margaret Crumley.

"They buy like they're going to be in the house a month," said Kymberli Morrell.

"When it's only one to two inches, why rush?" said Bobby Curcio.

The grocery store was packed and managers say it was definitely the snow scare crowd. Although no one would admit that's why they came.

"I'm stocking up because I don't have food anyway," said Morrell.

Meanwhile road crews weren't able to treat the roads ahead of the snow as normal because the rain that came first would have washed it all away.

"We're going to be putting a lot of salt down right now. That's when we get control of the storm, during the first initial two hours," said Nick Martino, PennDOT.

When the snow rolled in just before 8:00 Friday, crews rolled out their trucks to hit the roads.

While PennDOT urges people to stay off the roads unless necessary, many shoppers say a little snow won't scare them away from their weekend plans.

"It's not as bad as it can be. I've seen it worse," said Morrell.

"Everybody else is running around like a chicken with their head not on. I think it's ridiculous," said Curcio.

As for road crews, PennDOT will have its truck out overnight and into Saturday morning to keep the roads safe.