Addams Family clan comes to Philadelphia

May 15, 2013 7:45:36 AM PDT
Morticia, Uncle Fester, Cousin Itt and the whole creepy Addams Family clan is coming to Philadelphia.

This is the Broadway comedy musical version of the Addams Family and it is a smash hit. It's all of the magnificently macabrecharacters that you know and love, but an Addams Family story you've never heard before.

When The Addams Family opened 3 years ago on Broadway, it became an instant hit. It is the musical version of every father's nightmare.

Matt Wolf, VP of Programming, Kimmel Center said, "Wednesday is growing up and she's met a boy, a normal boy, that she's fallen in love with and she's now going to bring him home and introduce him to the family and she wants them all to act normal."

Mayhem and chaos ensue in a way only the bizarre and beloved Addams Family can do.

"So you take this sort of extreme setting to deal with sort of normal heartfelt issues, you know the relationship between a mother and a daughter, the relationship between a husband and a wife with these sort of comical twists really wrap family issues in such a fun way," added Wolf.

The story was inspired by the drawings of Charles Addams. In a career spanning over 6 decades, he sketched thousands of cartoons but it was the weird and witty Addams Family characters that drew the most attention.

It's written by the same team that wrote the Jersey Boys.

"It's a time for you to hold hands and laugh and cry with your family and it's a really great show with things that you've never quite seen before and surprises around every corner," said Wolf.

The Addams Family runs March 19th through the 24th at the Academy of Music.

For tickets and show times, go to the Kimmel Center.