Clifton Heights mom in court for girl fight

Mom accused of inciting girl fight in Upper Darby

April 2, 2013 2:56:15 PM PDT
The Clifton Heights mom who allegedly incited a fight between her daughter and another girl was in court Tuesday morning.

Michelle Davenport was caught on video yelling from the sidelines after allegedly setting up a fight between her 12 year old daughter and another girl.

Today, the 45-year-old kept her mouth shut when she showed up at court for a preliminary hearing on multiple charges.

The Clifton heights woman was caught last month urging her daughter to beat up another 12-year-old girl.

The girls seem to be reluctant to fight, but Davenport kept egging them on and the other girl suffered a concussion.

The other girl told Action News the fight followed a minor argument between her and Davenport's daughter.

"It really was mind blowing, knowing that her mom would do that and then knowing that we could have settled everything a different way."

The fight video has gone viral around the world and Davenport's lawyer says she's devastated.

"It was the worst moment of her life. She is 45-years-old and it was the worst 15 minutes of her life", said Attorney Kevin Wray.

Her family has also suffered, especially her daughter.

Wray stated that Davenport's daughter was not doing well and has transferred to a different school.

Davenport waived her right to a preliminary hearing Tuesday and spared the victim and witnesses the ordeal of testifying in court.

If she eventually reaches a plea agreement, the girls will never have to testify.

Davenport's lawyer says, "We are going to take this case up to Media and find some disposition there."

Discussions have begun with the District Attorney's office but Wray would not comment on what is being said. Those discussions will, no doubt, be ongoing.

Davenport is scheduled to appear in court again on May 1st for formal arraignment on the charges.